Survival Medical Kit

When getting  a medical kit together it depends on your own skills when packing it and using it. Pack medications in airtight containers with cotton wool to prevent rattling, and it can be used to start a fire if needed. Here are a few essential items to carry that will cover most ailments…


Analgesic… A pain reliever for mild and moderate pain. Codeine phosphate is ideal for tooth, ear, and headaches, Ibuprofen or Advil is also very good for these types of ailments especially sense you have to have a prescription to get Codeine. One tablet of the Codeine phosphate every six hours as needed but can cause constipation as a side effect, so it can also help if you are having loose bowel movements. Now you can’t give this to children So that is why its good to Carry Tylenol or ibuprofen, these can be given to children and don’t cause constipation. Although they may not be as strong as Codeine they do work for mild pain.


Intestinal sedative… For treating acute and chronic diarrhoea. Imodium is usually favoured. DOSE: 2 capsules initially, then once each time a loose stool is passed.


Antibiotic… For general infections. Tetracycline can be used even by people hypersensitive to penicillin. DOSE: one 250mg tablet, four times daily repeated for five to seven days. Or there is Omoxocylin that is also a great antibiotic that can be used by people that are hypersensitive to penicillin, That is what I usually keep on hand, I myself am allergic to penicillin and it works great. DOSE: one 500mg tablet 2 times a day for 5-7 days. Be sure to carry enough for a full course. If taking either of these antibiotics be sure to steer clear of milk product, calcium and iron preparations or other drugs containing aluminium hydroxide.


Antihistamine… For allergies, insect bites and strings ( may also help in Case of a bad reaction to a drug). Piriton is recommended in Britain, Benadryl (which I highly recommend) in the USA, Sleepiness is a side effect of both, so both can be useful as a mild sleeping pill. Do not exceed the recommended dosage, or take with alcohol.


Water Sterilizing Tablets… For use where water is suspect and you can not boil. Iodine is also a great way to sterilize water, just for safety precautions I carry both. Be sure to do a little homework to see how much is needed.


Anti-Malaria Tablets… This is only a necessity if you will be traveling where malaria is present. There are types which require only one tablet taken monthly. Check around, do research on which is the best to get.


Potassium Permanganate… add to water and mix until water becomes bright pink to sterilize it, deeper pink to make an antiseptic and to a full red to treat fungal diseases such as athlete’s foot. It can also be used in combination with glycerin to cause a chemical reaction and make a fire.


Surgical blades… At least 2 scalpel blades of different sizes. A handle can be made from wood when required. Now this is not usually a necessity, but if you have room, bring them.


Butterfly sutures…. Use to hold the edges of wounds together. works a lot like stitches but without the needle and thread.


Bandages…. Assorted sizes, preferably waterproof, for minor abrasions and keeping cuts clean. They  can be cut and used as butterfly sutures.


Condom… A rather unlikely source, but very usable in a survival situation. Condoms believe it or not make a great water bag, holding up to 1 litre of water. It is easiest to fill from a source that has an abundance of water and a degree of water pressure, like a waterfall.



Survival Kit

A few key items can make all the difference in the fight for survival.

Collect the things listed below. They can all be fitted into a small container, such as a 2oz tobacco tin, or an Altoids  tin, or whatever small waterproof tin that you can find. Make a habit of always having this tin with you. Don’t get something that is huge, or bigger than about wallet size, you wont find it convenient to carry with you and you could risk not carrying it with you and then on the occasion that you actually need it, you are screwed because it’s just sitting at home on your night stand. And that would truly suck.

Experience has proved that each item earns its place, though some are more useful in some situations than in others. A good example of that would be Fish hooks, Of course you would need them If your in the forest with streams, lakes and creeks, but in the desert you are less likely to need this item. But there are lakes in the desert, so it is good to have that particular item in your tin. You never know.


Polish the inside lid of the tin to make a  mirror like reflecting surface and seal it, to be waterproof, with a strip of adhesive tape, such as electrical tape or duct tape. I prefer electrical tape because it doesn’t loose it’s adhesiveness. And it is much more easier to remove and replace it over and over again. Regularly check the contents of your tin, changing any which deteriorate, such as matches and medicine tablets. Mark all drug containers with use and dosage and a run out date when they should be replaced. Pack spare space in the tin with cotton wool, which will keep the contents from rattling and can be used for fire lighting.


Good things to carry In your tin are as follows


Matches… waterproof matches are useful but bulkier than ordinary non safety, strike anywhere matches, which can be made shower proof by dipping the heads into melted candle fat. To save space snap off half of  each matchstick. It is much easier to use matches that to make fire by other methods but don’t waste them, use only when improvised methods fail. Take them from the tin one at a time and replace the lid. Never leave the container open or lying on the ground, This can ruin all of your items in you tin (kit) and will later be the cause of your demise.


Candles… invaluable for starting a fire as well as a light source. Shave square fore packing. If made of tallow it is also fat to eat in an emergency or to use for frying, but be sure that it is tallow before eating, paraffin was and other candles are inedible. Tallow does not store well, so I recommend just sticking with regular candles, They provide light when you have no flash light, and can give you some comfort when out in the wild.


Flint… flints will work when wet and they will go on striking long after you run out of matches. Invest a flint, or magnesium bar. I see them everywhere, you can buy mag bars with the saw striker just about anywhere that sells camping goods, they only cost between $5-$10 bucks and last a good long time. You can get Flint or metal match at just about any camping store, Wal-Mart, or amazon. I carry the Gerber Flint and steal, the replacement steal is only $5 bucks, and you can use the back end of  your knife to strike the flint. I got mine from the Gerber website, I have the Bear Grylls fire starter, but they have others as well. Amazon has a lot to choose from.


Magnifying glass…   You can start a fire from direct sunlight using a magnifying glass, and it is very useful for splinters and strings.


Needles and Thread… Several needles, including at least one with a very large eye that can be threaded with sinew and coarse threads. choose strong thread and wrap it around the needles. They an be used for repairing or making clothes in an emergency. They can also be used for sewing up a bad cut, If a hospital is way out of reach, the only it may be the only thing that you have to keep yourself alive longer, and you have less risk of getting infection.


Fish hooks and line….  A selection of different hooks in a small tin or packet. Add a few split lead weights. Remember that a small hook will catch both large and small fish but a large hook will only catch big fish. Include as much line as possible, it will also be useful for catching birds or other small game. You can use fishing line to make snares, all though they will probably only be able to be used once, it can help you find your next meal.


Compass… A compass is a fantastic tool to carry with you, I find that carrying 2 is a good rule of thumb, that way if they are both pointing in the same direction than they cant be wrong. Many people that find there self in a survival situation often get scared, they don’t trust their compass, they don’t trust there sense of direction, and they have even been know to attack their rescuer out of fear. So be sure to learn how to use a compass, and always carry one. (2 if possible)


A good Knife… Always have a good knife with you, keep it in the glove compartment of your car or in the trunk. Be sure to look up any laws in your area to be sure you can carry the knife with you. Having a good knife can be the difference between life and death when in a survival situation. I carry the Gerber Para cord knife that was inspired by Bear Grylls, It has many uses, you can watch my video about the knife here: I will be doing a series about this knife in the near future.





Machete…. Now, its great to have a good saw and a good machete, But why not have both? I recommend the Gerber Gator 2, This has an extremely sharp edge on one side and a saw on the other. at about 18” in length, this guy really gets the job done, see the video below. It’s always great to have tools that have multiple uses, and this Gerber Gator 2 has exactly what you need.










Cordage… Cordage is very important to have when going out into the wild. I recommend carrying a 100ft roll of 550 para cord. This is fantastic for making shelters, snares, fishing line, climbing down small cliffs with ease and safety. There are 100’s of uses for para cord, and its pretty cheap, at around $9 bucks you can find it on Amazon, at your local surplus store, or online.


As we all know there are many different items that are very important when going into the wild, on a camping trip or in a survival situation. Check back often for more great things to consider taking when going on a trip. Thanks for reading as always, and check back frequently for more post.

Carrying a Mobile Phone

The mobile or Cell phone is one of the great inventions of the twentieth century. In an emergency situation it can be a real life saver. Some phones are better than others, so it’s worth doing some homework to see what kind gives you the best coverage. Its also very important to check out network coverage. As most people know, and this is my opinion, but Verizon Wireless always seems to have better signal than T-Mobile or AT&T. Even where I live, In the Smoky Mountains of NC, I didn’t get signal with my T-Mobile phone so I switch over to Verizon. It’s always good to keep a “throw a way” phone in your car at all times. You never know when something bad is going to happen, So go to Wal-Mart or any other store and get a Verizon flip phone to keep in your car at all times, you can buy one at Wal-Mart for $15 bucks, also get a car charger for both, Your regular cell phone and your “throw a way” phone. That way you always have a way of charging your phone. Keep your phones charged as often as you can. It can be the difference between life and death.

Charging your phone can be a problem in the wild, so you should always use your phone wisely, and that is why I cant say it enough, Always keep your phone charged. YOU never know what is going to happen, life is unpredictable.

Now days you can buy solar powered devices that will charge phones and other electronic devices when your camping or hiking. They also have hand held manual chargers, so look into getting one of these items, especially if you are one of those people who love going on long camping trips or hiking trips.

If you happen to be in any kind of survival or emergency situation, be sure to keep your phone as dry as possible, Remember water and moister is the enemy to your phone, so keep it dry. Also, Make short phone calls on the hour, Someone could be picking up your signal so don’t give up. Once you receive confirmation that the rescue is under way, keep the phone on and listen for any incoming calls. It could be your rescue party. And If your phone has a tracking device in it, it can help rescue find you even faster.


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The importance of a Radio during survival

If you are deciding to go out into the wild and camp or go on a hike, always be prepared. You cant predict the weather, but If you carry one of these very small light weight radios, then you have a better chance of knowing what is going on around you, or what may be coming weather wise.


You don’t want to be suck in a survival situation without some kind of out side source to knowing what is going on in the world around you. This radio offers a weather band channel, and both am and FM channels. It requires No Batteries, it winds up and has a solar panel on the top to ensure that it will work while you are out.


It gives a person a good sense of well being if you can listen to some music to calm your nerves, or if you are in a situation to were you cant get home, You can listen to the weather band channel and determine what kind of shelter that you will need to build.


Although a radio is not a necessity, It is good to have one with you, and you cant go wrong carrying one of these. I bought both of mine through Amazon, but you can always look at your local surplus store or other websites to find one that fits your needs. I like amazon myself because of the free shipping, and the price was extremely reasonable. I only paid 25 bucks for both of these. So one would only cost you around $13 bucks. (unless you know where to get one cheaper) They hold up well extremely well and they are really nice to have if your power goes out or your are in any other emergency situation.


Thanks for reading.

The Importance of Survival skills and Training

We are living in an uncertain world, It was only a couple of months ago that everyone thought that the world was ending. Survival is so important in this day in age, anything can happen, and it is your responsibility to learn all you can about survival and what to do when in a survival situation. That being said I am going to take you through a course of what I know and what I have learned that should help you in any survival situation that you may find yourself in. And with this knowledge, I will give you the confidence that you need to survive against the odds and allow you to adapt and overcome when something happens to go wrong.



The need for survival training has never been greater. People all over the world have become much more adventurous and informed about the world around us. Using what little knowledge that they have and their wealth to get them places that have not yet been explored putting them in to dangerous situations.  That is why it is so important to get survival training and knowledge before you go on a vast journey around the world. The possibility to become lost is always there. And it is so important to learn all you can. Knowledge is so powerful and it is weightless, so learn all you can about the  environment that you are going to, learn all you can about the plants, animals, and bugs. Knowing survival Skills can and will save your life.


It is extremely important to practice survival skills and be prepared for anything. Survival training is the best insurance policy that you could ever have. You could be anywhere in the world Isolated and away from any kind of civilization.


Check back for more on the importance of survival skills and training.